Tired of being aHosting Hostage?
Does that make your eyes turn “RED” and your pocketbook not so      “GREEN”?
Say hello to hostgator.com
Don’t let anyone hold you hostage again, it’s very easy to understand and control with HOSTGATOR video tutorial! I know… I was held hostage for well over 10 years and at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars! When my hosting company (an individual who was pretending that they were a viable company but operating as an individual who want my money no matter what) wanted more money they would simply raise the fees or shut down my sites and would tell me that they needed more money.
But every time I ask for my work they would ignore my request until my annual prepaid hosting was due again and shut my sites down year after year.
I now host all of my domain sites on one (1) hostgator.com sites that I control. I even learned how to control the C-Panel all by myself with a little help from hostgator.com tutorials! And the hosting cost is less than I use to pay for only one of my sites annually. Do the math, over 10 sites for over 10 years and that adds up to money for nothing and the chicks were not for free.

And trust me, I am no rocket scientist! My first grade teacher told me that I was educated beyond my intelligence and that was the first grade. Needless to say maybe she was right, but hostgator.com video tutorial made it even easy for me to understand and manage my sites!

GO TO HELL HOSTER, INDIVIDUAL or whatever you are pretending to be today, I will never be held hostage again by you!